Bill's views on the issues

When serving both rural and urban communities alike, Bill stands strong on:


The 2012–13 budget was a balance of spending restraint and structural government reform, rejecting a 27% autopilot spending increase, and without raising taxes — principles that Senator Ingebrigtsen holds closely. Within a year and a half, a $5 billion budget deficit had been turned into a $1.2 billion deficit, which was used in accordance with current law to replenish the state’s budget reserve and start paying back the school shifts.

Senator Ingebrigtsen works hard for our children's education

Public schools receive state, local and federal taxpayer funds. In Minnesota, the state is by far the largest contributor providing over 75% of the approximate $8.6 billion yearly from state and local sources.

The K–12 formula allowance is the starting point of K–12 finance, although funding per-student is not equal statewide. Senator Ingebrigtsen has worked to make sure West-Central Minnesota students get their share of education dollars, and has passed legislation that helps parents and other taxpayers browse reviews of teachers and principals that are based on how well students are learning. Additionally, Ingebrigtsen and legislative leaders scaled back mandates from state and federal laws to allow local school boards to develop an educational system that is responsive and respectable to the community. Senator Ingebrigtsen also supported the repayment of borrowing from schools with the 2012 budget surplus, which was vetoed by Governor Dayton.

Senator Ingebrigtsen fighting for issues that matter to West-Central Minnesota
Jobs and Economy

In order to return Minnesota’s economy to the right track, we need to make Minnesota a more attractive state to start and grow a business. Government cannot create jobs; it can only create a positive economic climate in which job creators feel confident to consider investing in or expanding their current operations. As chair of the Environment & Natural Resources Committee, Senator Ingebrigtsen worked closely with the administration and state business leaders. Ingebrigtsen helped to cut red tape, aiding businesses in investing in Minnesota and creating jobs for Minnesotans by streamlining the environmental permitting process and removing duplicate services. This has already led to the creation of jobs for Minnesotans.

Second Amendment

Senator Ingebrigtsen is “in step” with residents of Otter Tail and Douglas counties who want to exercise the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Senator Ingebrigtsen has strong family values

As a former sheriff, Senator Ingebrigtsen agrees that law abiding people should be able to protect themselves. In his role as a sheriff, Senator Ingebrigtsen issued permits to carry handguns to law abiding citizens. Senator Ingebrigtsen votes in the Senate for law abiding citizens to be able to exercise their rights under the second amendment.


Bill is a pro-life candidate who believes life is defined as conception to natural death. Bill further believes that abortion should only be allowed to prevent the death of the mother, or when the pregnancy is the result of a reported rape or the result of incest, with the perpetrator reported to law enforcement.